How to maximise the opportunity of B2B Ecommerce

By Annabel Paton

B2B ecommerce has grown steadily in recent years to a point where it is considered a normal part of business for many companies. As B2B customers become more “online savvy” with ever increasing expectations, companies are having to review their B2B ecommerce channel to make sure that it provides great service, and is not alienating suppliers and customers alike.

There are several unique aspects to a B2B transactional website that you must get right – underlying platform, key features and functions, business processes – but it is becoming increasingly important to adopt many of the features and online practices seen in consumer facing websites.

Successful B2B websites need to offer more than an “online ordering pad”. They need to provide customers with the more personalised, online shopping experience that they have come to expect in their consumer lives. Companies that want to ensure that their B2B transactional websites are able to drive new business, improve conversion rates and increase revenue should consider the following issues when reviewing a new platform and implementation partner.

This Guide will talk you through:

Search & Merchandising
Shopping Basket & Checkout
Knowledge Base
Business Processes

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