Environmental Policy

Updated 23 May 2018

With the drastic climate changes affecting our planet, we decided as a company to take our environmental policy very seriously.

Our ultimate aim is to go beyond becoming a zero emission company in the hope that our actions can also help to negate some of the emissions of our community around us as well as our own.

We wholly support and comply with the requirements set out by current environmental legislation and codes of practice. Our approach to ecommerce development allows us to identify the activities we perform on a day-to-day basis so that we can measure, assess and improve our efforts to reduce pollution, emissions and waste that we cause (from our hardware purchases through to the paper we use in our proposals and our invoices). We have a policy that is adopted throughout our business to reduce our company’s impact on our environment.

We are confident that we are operating beyond accreditation and have instead chosen to invest the cash that would have gone into achieving and maintaining ISO140001 certification into renewable energy and recycling initiatives.

We respect our planet and whilst we are just one link in many supply chains, we are committed to doing our bit alongside many millions of other responsible businesses.