Bespoke Portals

streamline operations, improve communication & reduce costs

PureNet delivers enterprise portal and business application solutions for content management, knowledge delivery, communication, social collaboration and business process automation for both B2B and B2C businesses.

B2C and B2B Ecommerce Portals

Multi-site, white-labelled ecommerce solutions and Portals for leading retailers and manufacturers, with comprehensive proven functionality.

Information & Knowledge Portals

Custom, integrated corporate portals for knowledge organisation and distribution with personalised access and presentation.

Business Intelligence Portals

Working with our consultants we can help you structure and analyse your data in a meaningful way to gain knowledge and ultimately value through fact-based decision-making.

Communities and Social Networks

PureNet can create attractive, easy-to-use and scalable social network applications that facilitate online communication and collaboration.

Application/Web Services Portals

Bespoke rich-internet web applications and web services to improve operational performance through the automation of business processes, such as order tracking and inventory management.

Online Marketplaces and Auctions

Effective online market and auction sites, from a simple auction site to an advanced auction management solution.

Automated Processes

Our clients have benefited from competitive and cost-effective portals that improve operational efficiency through the automation of business processes.

Consultative Approach

We believe in working as a partnership. Our experience in developing portals allows us to take a consultative approach and guide you through the scope of your project.

Fully Scalable

PureNet's portal developments are built to stand the test of time, ensure your business is compliant and scale with your business as it grows.

Integrated & Robust

We develop portals that seamlessly connect a number of different technologies and processes into a single automated and robust platform.

competitive and cost-effective

Bespoke Business Portals

We can help your business drive operational and trading improvements with custom development such as portals tailored to your specific business requirements.

Our proven approach to software development and solid business understanding means our clients have benefited from competitive and cost-effective internet business applications that stand out from the crowd without incurring the cost and distraction of managing large-scale IT infrastructures.

Learn how customer portals can change your business.

Our Latest Portal Solutions


Haven Power

Auxillis Bespoke Portal


Lighterlife customer browsing website on smartphone


“We are delighted with the customer portal provided by PureNet.  The online functionality means we can now offer both our SME and I&C customers a more rounded package. This allows us to offer an online service comparable with our competitors and help us achieve our business plans and substantially increase the volume of electricity we sell.”

Haven Power

“Auxillis is delighted with the customer portal provided by PureNet. The initial customer feedback we have received has been positive and the online functionality we can now deliver for our customers is much more effective and in line with their needs.”

Andrew Langford, Chief Information Officer, Auxillis

“We wanted to achieve something different with the design of the Saddleback sites that reflects our unique proposition in the marketplace. From initial meetings, to development of ideas for the look and feel of the new site through to launch, the team at PureNet were, and continue to be supportive, creative, professional and forthcoming with suggestions of how we can develop our site further.”

John Wager, IT Manager, Saddleback

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