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Energy & Utility Industry Solutions

PureNet’s Energy & Utilities Solutions can be tailored to meet your specific business requirements, whether it be tenders, investor relations or reporting.

PureNet understand that having the ability to adapt quickly to changes in legislation, market conditions and technology is a key requirement for Energy & Utilities companies involved in the energy supply market. Whatever type of energy service you are involved in, our goal is to deliver an efficient and effective solution for you to manage your business processes. We can build secure portals that effectively enhance the online experience for staff and customers.

PureNet can create bespoke solutions that offer you a more rounded package with existing unique selling points supplemented by added services such as online account management and online access to industry data. Our solutions are completely scalable so as you grow, the system we provide grows with you. Our experienced and highly skilled project management and development teams can work alongside you to interpret your needs and build a site to a timetabled delivery plan.

Our solutions can seamlessly enhance the customer journey and be an effective point of contact for businesses to deal with any queries making information and services accessible any time of the day. We can allow you to offer customers access to information and data posted by third party companies and create an extension to your established high-level customer service. PureNet can work with you so you can offer an online service comparable with your competitors and help you achieve your business plans.

Success Stories

Are any of these statements applicable to your business?

  • We’re looking to build a bespoke portal for our visitors
  • We want to manage data and campaigns in one place
  • We need a solution that allows us to easily manage all of our key business processes
  • We want to be able to adapt our solution to our unique needs
  • We require bespoke development
  • We need our website to bring the most benefit possible to customers & stakeholders

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Bespoke Portals

PureNet delivers enterprise portal solutions for content management, knowledge delivery, communication, social collaboration and business process automation for both B2B and B2C businesses.

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Digital Marketing

We specialise in high performance digital marketing strategies for ecommerce companies. We deliver integrated campaigns across multiple channels to deliver a high ROI.

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