It’s not what technology but how you use it

By Paul Doherty Technology Comments Off on It’s not what technology but how you use it


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The demise of the high street has been shouted about for many years. Many observers still blame online shopping as the primary cause for the closure of high street stalwarts such as Woolworths and HMV.

But the reality is that here in the UK we now spend more of our hard earned earnings via a computer, tablet or smartphone. So rather than fight against the ever-growing online shopping community, high street stores should embrace digital technology and rejuvenate their offering.

Click & Collect services have already shown how successful this integration of services across multi-channels can be. There are fun and simple ways to involve shoppers both in-store and online – via social media, in-store mobile payments, free appointments with personal shoppers and stylists in store and online.

Retailers have always seen the store as a place to display stock and be used for storage. The successful high street retailers of the future need to use their shop floor to give the customer an experience the screen cannot provide.

By integrating ecommerce technology and using it wisely, shops can stop thinking location and think experience. Here at PureNet, we can create rich and powerful ecommerce platforms that are capable of offering your customers a joined up experience whether in-store or on screen.

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