Last Minute Black Friday Ideas You Can Still Use

By Paul Doherty Magento, Web Design Comments Off on Last Minute Black Friday Ideas You Can Still Use


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This time of year is a busy period for almost all ecommerce businesses, small or large. Over the past few months you have probably ordered extra inventory, stocked the warehouse shelves to the brim and even hired additional staff to handle the anticipated rush.

With so much to think about and get done, devoting time to Black Friday may have been overlooked – but it’s not too late! Here’s a list of last minute marketing ideas to make sure your website brings in profits this Black Friday.

  1. Email your best deals

Black Friday shoppers are basically bargain hunters. They expect massive discounts so create a one-off deal that they can’t resist! Remember, a good deal is not solely defined by price. Point out your strengths to seal that last minute deal.

  1. Create a holiday gift guide

All shoppers need inspiration at some point so help inspire them by creating a gift guide. Pick your favourite products and showcase each or highlight your best service or maintenance packages.

Once you’ve created your gift guide, make sure you cross promote it across your emails, blog and social media to maximise its exposure.

  1. Grab attention with social media

Turn your attention to social media channels and regularly update your audience with updates. Take a look at a few creative ideas that retailers have used in the past. Even offer competitions, free gifts and even charitable donations linked with certain products.

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