Magento: The Perfect Ecommerce Solution for Fashion Retailers.

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Magento Enterprise Edition.

‘Helps you create rich, differentiated site experiences that maximise revenue.’

We know that, as a fashion retailer, you need to be able to showcase your brand whilst ensuring you have the functionality required to deliver a seamless ecommerce experience. After working with many fashion retailers we understand the fast pace of the industry and therefore the need for a fully scalable, adaptable ecommerce solution. Magento is the number 1 choice for online retailers – let’s see why!

Build and Refine.

‘A powerful Ecommerce Solution that offers off-the-shelf extensions, and cost-effective customisations.’

Omni-Channel Ecommerce

The Magento Ecommerce Solution is fully responsive, that means your website will resize to any screen and present content in an optimised way on phones and tablets. We don’t have to tell you how important this is in the fashion industry!

Bespoke for your business.

With Magento from PureNet, your Ecommerce Solution will have a completely bespoke design to compliment and showcase your brand. As a fashion brand, it is key not to have a ‘cookie cutter’ website, your site needs to be individual to really speak to your customers.

One page checkout.

Nobody wants to spend a long time checking out their purchases on a site. A key problem facing fashion retailers online is abandoned checkouts, where a customer runs out of time to complete an order. With Magento, you can create a simple one-page checkout to speed up the process and reduce the number of abandoned checkouts.

Integration with Payment Gateways.

There are many different Payment Gateway integrations available with Magento from PayPal to Sage – quite simply your customers will be able to pay how they want, as fast as they need, on any device they like!

Offer Your Customers.

A digital experience that enhances and amplifies your traditional marketing efforts.

Personalise the experience.

Magneto gives you the opportunity to personalise the ecommerce experience through segmentation and behavioural analysis. This level of ecommerce personalisation will significantly increase your online sales through targeted engagement – clever, hey!

Cross sell and up sell.

Increasing average order values is a common focus for our customers. Magento provides the functionality to include cross-sell and up-sell zones including ‘complete the look’. We all know how tempting it is to add additional items to your basket when you see tailored recommendations!

Engaging content.

As well as providing an extensive Ecommerce Solution, Magento allows you to content market through custom landing pages with showcased products, look-books and videos. The best thing is you can do all of this without a developer, simply log in to the Magento CMS and add the areas you need. So, if a new trend launches or fashion story is hot off the press simply create your landing page and gain exposure in a matter of minutes.

Leverage Clever Ecommerce Marketing.

Focus on results, one complete Marketing and Ecommerce Solution.

Integrate with Social Media.

Social Media has proven to be an excellent way of engaging with your customers on a personal level. Magento combines the Social Media world with Ecommerce including sign in with Facebook, share purchases and Social Media feeds.

Easily update content in line with marketing activity.

For each and every marketing campaign Magento provides you with the flexibility to update website content to match your key messaging. From banners to promotional codes you can ensure your website matches your marketing activity to deliver one unified message and increase conversions from marketing activity.

Increase newsletter sign ups.

Email marketing is absolutely vital to a successful ecommerce fashion store, it is a very much proven method of keeping customers up-to-date and engaged with new products, promotional activities and events. With Magento, you can build up your email database with a number of features such as sign-up forms, pop-ups and online account areas with incentives. The bigger your email list, the more customers you have to speak to so get started today!

Overall, it is very clear to us why so many fashion retailers choose Magento as an Ecommerce Solution – it’s extremely powerful, forward-thinking, scalable and flexible.

We love working with Magento to produce beautiful fashion sites that stand the test of time. If you’re ready for your new Ecommerce Solution get in touch with our team today by emailing or LiveChat with us.


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