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Ecommerce Wireframes & UX

Before we get creative, we define a conversion based user journeys and website wireframes.

Wireframes are key to developing a successful ecommerce offering. After discussing your requirements, our Business Analysts and UX design team work together to create your new user journey. We consider your target audience, website requirements and business goals to define how to best guide users around your site.

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Our wireframes are different for every project, why? Because your requirements are bespoke and want to create the perfect solution for your business. We do, however, follow a set of best practices to ensure that each website we produce is in-line with customer expectations. These best practices include clear navigation, SEO elements, visible products on the Home Page and clear calls to action.

Once we have produced our wireframes we will share a prototype link with you. This allows you to click through your user journey and understand how a customer will interact with your website. We will also produce a set of mobile wireframes to allow you to see how your website will respond on different devices. Once signed off, we can begin with our creative design concepts.

Are any of these statements applicable to your business?

  • Is your ecommerce website in need of an overhaul?
  • Are you getting people to visit your ecommerce website but they’re not buying?
  • Are you seeing your visitors increasingly abandon their purchases at the basket?
  • Do you have high volumes of mobile visitors that bounce?


Your wireframe is the blueprint of your design, here are some of the best practice features you can expect to see on your clickable prototypes

Clear navigation to guide users around your site


Contact details to display trust and security


Promotion zones to showcase new products


Clear calls to action focussing on conversion


SEO optimised text content such as H1 tags


Newsletter sign up to encourage engagement


Internal search enabling quick browsing


Mini basket enabling customers to continue shopping




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