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Mobile Ecommerce Solutions

PureNet can give you the ability to reach your customers on any device, at any time.

We are focussed on providing your customers with the best possible user experience whether that be on a phone, tablet, desktop or any other device. We design and build responsive ecommerce websites, allowing your users to enjoy an optimised experience however they access your website.

Success Stories

Mobile browsing has now reached 55% of internet usage, customers expect to be presented with the best possible experience irregardless of the device they are browsing on. Our design team are highly experienced in delivering effective responsive user journeys. Our bespoke designs are all based on the responsive grid, enabling us to showcase your ecommerce elements beautifully on any size screen.


We understand the functionality that mobile ecommerce users want to see when they land on a page. We ensure your search, basket and contact information is quickly visible to browsing customers. Our aim is to reduce the clicks to basket, whilst ensuring customers have all of they need in order to make a purchase. We want to provide an experience that is worthy of being shared, and will promote loyal visitors.

Are any of these statements applicable to your business?

  • We’ve outgrown our current B2C ecommerce system
  • We want to get our established brand online
  • We need to integrate our solution with our back-office system
  • We’re looking to improve our B2C ecommerce website with better digital marketing
  • We want to build a mobile responsive website
  • We are a start-up looking to sell online

Mobile Ecommerce Features

We design and develop both responsive and separate mobile ecommerce sites. Here are just some of the features you can expect

Complete wireframes showing mobile user journey


Mobile designs to show your responsive website


Mobile optimised content, scaling or hiding as required


Simple to use mobile navigation to allow browsing


Retina-ready imagery to ensure a pixel perfect display


Mobile ready functionality such as tap to call


One page checkout, speeding up the purchasing process


Mobile-specific marketing to guide mobile browsing customers to your website




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