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Ecommerce Systems Integration

Ecommerce System Integration

PureNet delivers reliable and seamlessly integrated ecommerce solutions that optimise your overall business processes.

When it comes to ecommerce integration you need a provider who has an in depth understanding of how to make your customer facing websites integrate with your ERP, EPOS or back-end systems.

Success Stories

PureNet has been delivering fail-safe integrated ecommerce solutions for a decade. We understand the importance of driving your product, promotion and order data safely between front-end and back-end office systems.

We have implemented countless solutions that integrate with the leading ERP, CRM and EPOS systems, such as SAP, Sage, Salesforce and Cybertill to name but a few. We have a proven approach to analysing the integration requirements and we have a solid technical method of providing fail-safe integrated architectures that work 24/7.

Integration isn’t limited to back-end integration it also covers payment gateways (e.g. SagePay), shipping & logistics systems (e.g. DPD) and online product listing feeds (e.g. Google PLA, Amazon and eBay). In all we take a holistic approach to the integration requirements of your ecommerce solution and the systems it relies on to make it work seamlessly.

Are any of these statements applicable to your business?

  • We need seamless online order integration with our back-office system
  • We have to re-key orders from our ecommerce site into our ERP system
  • We need sales and customer information automatically imported into our CRM
  • We have a proprietary back-office system that isn’t integrated with our website
  • We need tight integration with our courier
  • We need automatic integration of orders with our fulfilment house

Integration Experience and Approach


Years of experience of integration with leading ERP, EPOS & CRM Systems


Detailed analysis of all integration points of the system


Architecture is “fail-safe” – all information is received and accurate even if 3rd party systems are temporarily unavailable


All our solutions are monitored 24/7 to make sure all integration points are active

Our Experience in Ecommerce Systems Integration

We have integrated ecommerce solutions with many leading software systems including


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