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PureNet can implement two-way integration with leading ERP systems that are fail-safe and reliable.

At PureNet we have built many ecommerce solutions that fully integrate customer, product, promotion, stock, order, invoice and returns data between the online front end system and back-end ERP systems.

Success Stories

We have used our expertise to create a reliable approach to ecommerce integration that is proven and operates seamlessly 24/7.

We recognise that the requirements for each ERP integration project can be different. Our highly experienced integration team consists of Ecommerce Consultants, Technical Architects, Senior Developers and Project Managers who have been delivering integrated ecommerce solutions for years. The team will define in detail the integration requirements.  They will document the associated business processes and engineer the technical schema required to implement the system.  By providing a fully integrated data flow of information between online and the back-end systems you will benefit from fully automated and optimised business processes.

We have worked with leading ERP systems such as Microsoft Dynamics, SAP, Sage, EPICOR, Oracle and Infor. In addition, we have worked with a number of other financial systems and warehouse management systems that are unique to specific industries. We understand the integration methods supported by such systems and we have the commercial experience to know the business implications of any integration approach we adopt.

PureNet’s proven approach to integration will deliver a seamless ecommerce and back-end system architecture that is reliable and scalable.

Are any of these statements applicable to your business?

  • We need to integrate our B2C ecommerce solution with our back-office system
  • We want a fully integrated B2B solution that shows our wholesale customers stock availability, orders they placed and invoices they’ve received
  • We spend too much time re-keying orders from our website into our ERP System
  • We have some integration but it is just one-way from our ecommerce Site to our ERP System, we need a better approach to integration

Why PureNet?

PureNet's experienced team can deliver a seamless integration with your ERP system

Experience Integration Team with commercial and technical knowledge


Proven approach to ERP Integration projects


Many years of experience with successful implementations


Create a true Omni-Channel experience with expert integration

We work with leading ERP systems

Over the years we have interated ecommerce solutions with many of the leading ERP systems, these include


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