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Ecommerce Shipping & Logistics System Integration

PureNet delivers ecommerce solutions that are integrated and compliant with your couriers and fulfilment houses for flexible customer options and total day-to-day operational optimisation.

PureNet has a wealth of experience in shipping & logistics integration and has worked with leading fulfilment houses such as FedEx,UPS and TNT.

Success Stories

Shipping and fulfilment approaches are becoming more sophisticated to enable you to provide your customers with more flexible delivery options. Scheduling customer deliveries at chosen times, supporting click and collect and delivering globally all require synchronisation with your fulfilment processes.

At PureNet we have worked with many clients with differing shipping & logistic requirements. We have the experience to build ecommerce architectures that support integration with your preferred couriers and your fulfilment facility. We have delivered solutions that support courier label printing and consignment notification, pick and pack operations, click and collect, sales order requests to 3rd party fulfilment houses, global delivery pricing structures, hazardous material management, ‘where is my order?’ integration, ‘pick a date and time’ options, ‘stock level’ enquiries, back-order requests, pre-order with despatch when available, drop shipping, returns management and many other shipping & logistic integration requirements.

We understand the challenges of fulfilment. We build our solutions to give your customers flexible delivery options that can be supported by your delivery supply chain.

Are any of these statements applicable to your business?

  • We want to have full integration with our courier
  • We want our website to show what stock is available in our fulfilment house.
  • We want to integrate “Click-and-Collect” on our website
  • We want to give flexibility to our customers by allowing them to pick a time slot

Why PureNet?

We have extensive experience of working with a large range of fulfilment houses and managing logistic requirements

Integration with leading couriers


Solid experience of working with fulfilment house


Support for multiple fulfilment approaches including “click and collect” and “pick a date and time delivery”


Full support for returns management authorisation (RMA) and return handling

Our Team Have Integrated Solutions With Major Shipping Providers

From UPS to TNT we have you covered!


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