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Software as a service

Kooomo is a saas product so all functionality is all hosted and delivered from one platform

Revenue-based pricing model

Running costs are delivered on a shared revenue structure

Kooomo apps store

Lots of apps are available to enhance your solution

Next Generation Technology

Kooomo Ecommerce

Kooomo’s ecommerce platform provides a SaaS-based model for growth. Based on a revenue share model it offers a superb B2C and B2B ecommerce experience. With all elements a vendor needs to trade online, Kooomo offers slick content management, order processing software, warehouse management and distributed order management.

Kooomo’s system allows international trading with multilingual/multi-currency tools and can even reach a global audience by utilising pure-play and category-driven marketplaces, supporting all currencies, VAT rates and languages.

The platform helps your digital marketing strategies and you can manage multiple campaigns including SEO, search, display, and email marketing to drive traffic to your e-shop and increase conversions. Rich analytics tools allow you track and calculate your ROI.

Features & Functionality

Content Management

With our cutting-edge Content Management System (CMS), you can easily create, configure, and manage web content without needing to touch a single line of complex code.

Omnichannel Commerce

Omnichannel means synchronised stock, which enables shoppers to click and collect their orders, have more returns options, and experience a seamless customer journey.

Order Processing Software

Unique Automated Order Management (AOM) tools empower users to set specific rules, triggers, and filters to automatically process, manage and fulfil orders.

Product Information Management

Your online store is nothing without a rich product catalogue, engaging product details, and customisable content.

SaaS Based Platform for Growth

Online Marketplace Integration

Reach a global audience by utilising pure-play and category-driven marketplaces, supporting all currencies, VAT rates & languages.

One-click integrations

Connect with hundreds of integrations to grow your business with the world’s best-in-class technologies across sales, marketing, project management, payment gateways, courier networks, and more.

Customer Success

Deliver a world-class customer experience that will make your brand stand out from competitors and increase your customer lifetime value.

Reporting & eCommerce Analytics Tools

Track & analyse valuable data that will help to shape your eCommerce business strategy & calculate your ROI.

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