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The Client

LighterLife is a commercial weight-loss and weight-management programme designed specifically for obese people who have at least three stone to lose. The programmes are medically monitored and combine either a very low calorie or low calorie diet, consisting of nutritionally complete shakes, soups and bars, combined with specialised counselling. The company also sells products for use in its FAST diet plan (sometimes referred to as the 5:2 diet) and meal replacement products.

This unique approach to weight loss helps clients to understand both the physical and emotional reasons for overeating and to make lasting changes to improve their health and lifestyle for the long term.

The programmes are delivered by a national network of over 120 qualified LighterLife Counsellors who are trained by LighterLife and operate on a self-employed franchisee basis under the umbrella of the LighterLife brand. The company has franchisees in the UK and Republic of Ireland.

The Challenge

LighterLife was looking to grow in a number of channels and in particular to develop its Business-to-Business (B2B) opportunities including organic growth with its current franchise base, exploring new B2B channels outside of the core offering and international expansion.

The current B2B site was aged and built on an old platform. It was heavily customised and circumvented some basic functionality of the system. It was limited in many functional areas and was difficult to support.

Any new system new system needed to be widely used with a wide range of supporting development tools. The system had to have cutting edge functionality and to integrate with LighterLife’s SAP back office system.

What We Did

Putting forward a proposal based on the Magento platform PureNet was selected to deliver the project based on its specialism in integration generally and with SAP particularly and its vast experience of B2B ordering portals.

PureNet designed and built a powerful B2B platform which now serves as a platform for expanded growth. The system is fully integrated into SAP to take stock and pricing data and to pass back financial information. It also allows customer specific pricing. Delivery can be provided on specific dates to customers in the UK and Ireland. A rich account area gives customers full visibility of their order history. The site is multi-currency to allow Irish payments in euros.



The Results

  • LighterLife now have an up to date B2B platform to serve the company for the next 5 years.
  • It is easy to administer and use by non-technical users and interfaces seamlessly with the back office SAP system.

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