• Beauty + Functionality for Luxury Uniforms Supplier

    A powerful Magento B2B ecommerce solution for Florence Roby, the premier supplier of luxury uniforms for the Hotel Spa and Beauty industry.

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established in 1968

61% Mobile Traffic

Trading in 18+ Countries


The Challenge

The premier supplier of luxury uniforms for the Hotel Spa and Beauty industry, Florence Roby, required a new integrated Magento ecommerce solution to replace its existing solution that looked aged in design. Additionally, the system was not integrated into Sage 200 which meant a large amount of manual work to update both the ecommerce site and Sage to reflect on and offline sales.


What Florence Roby also required was a new, fresh look and feel to appeal to their user demographic so that they could best present their products and encourage repeat purchases.

College Management

This required functionality for students so that they could login to view configurable kits for their specific college and buy them at a certain rate. The ability to add embroidery and badge engraving was also necessary.


The new solution required full integration into Sage 200 to connect both online and offline sales.

How PureNet Helped

The Project

PureNet delivered a joined up and integrated solution with Magento providing a powerful front end linked to Florence Roby’s Sage 200 backend. The system was linked via a connector that catered for updates to Sage and allowed stock levels, pricing information and other data to be updated in real time.

The front end designs were created with the target audience in mind and showcase the uniforms and allow Florence Roby to update the site themselves using quick and simple management tools.

Continued success for florence roby

The Results

Integrating Magento with Florence Roby’s Sage 200 back office system immediately delivered efficiencies and freed staff up to concentrate on other activities. The site is robust and delivers a flexible platform for growth.

The site has seen impressive growth in sales and conversion rates, particularly on tablet and mobile devices have soared.

Innovation & Growth

The Statistics


Increased Conversion Rate

Florence Roby are seeing a month on month increase in conversion rate with the new solution.


Increased Mobile Revenue

Due to the new responsive design, mobile revenue has skyrocketed by a huge 50%.


Increased Sessions

The new, innovative solution has affirmed Florence Roby's position in the marketplace and subsequently led to an increase in visitor sessions and transactions.


New Visitors

Florence Roby's new Magento solution is attracting a new audience of users, expanding the customer .

Become a Magento B2B success story.