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The Challenge

LighterLife was looking to grow in a number of channels and in particular to develop its Business-to-Business (B2B) opportunities including organic growth with its current franchise base, exploring new B2B channels outside of the core offering and international expansion. PureNet was selected to deliver the project based on its specialism in integration.


The current B2B site was aged and built on an old platform. It was heavily customised and circumvented some basic functionality of the system.

Robust Support

The existing solution was limited in many functional areas, making the platform difficult to support. The new solution needed to be widely used with a wide range of supporting development tools.

Innovation & Integration

The system had to have cutting edge functionality and to integrate with LighterLife’s SAP back office system.

How PureNet Helped

The Project

The current B2B site was aged and built on an old platform. It was heavily customised and circumvented some basic functionality of the system. It was limited in many functional areas and was difficult to support. PureNet designed and built a powerful B2B platform which now serves as a platform for expanded growth. The system:

  • Is fully integrated into SAP to take stock and pricing data and to pass back financial information.
  • Allows customer specific pricing.
  • Provides the functionality for delivery on specific dates to customers in the UK and Ireland.
  • Features a rich account area, giving customers full visibility of their order history.

The site is also multi-currency to allow Irish payments in euros.

seamless sap integration

The Results

LighterLife now have an up to date B2B platform to serve the company for at least the next 5 years. The new solution has provided Lighterlife with a number of business benefits, including:

  • The ability to set up advanced online promotions including time bound promotions.
  • Advanced user account area including order history, detailed wish lists, credit notes and invoice printing.
  • Multiple payment options including on account, payment on order with discount, partial payment and forced order payment.
  • Order sizes limited by both credit limit, and available credit at the time of the order.

Lighterlife’s new B2B system is extremely easy to administer and use by non-technical members of the team and interfaces seamlessly with the back office SAP system.

exceeding expectations

The Statistics



The new B2B solution enables clients and customers to access the portal at any time on any device.


Promotion Types

LigherLife now has the ability to create a whole range of different promotions to target its audience and drive increases in revenue.


website uptime

PureNet's robust and scalable infrastructure ensures LighterLife's solution is available at all times.


Satisfied Clients

LighterLife are delighted with the new online portal and initial customer feedback has been very positive.

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