SUPEE-9652 Magento Patch – The Rundown

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Magento has just released its latest SUPEE patch ‘9652’ to address a possible Zend library vulnerability.


Vulnerability Description:

Zend Framework 1 vulnerability can be remotely exploited to execute code in Magento 1.

To be affected by the vulnerability the installation has to:

– use sendmail as the mail transport agent

– have specific, non-default configuration settings


Severity Level:

Critical – If you are running one of the affected Magento versions it is important that this SUPEE patch is installed.


Product(s) Affected:

Magento Community Edition prior to, and Magento Enterprise Edition prior to, Magento 2.1 versions prior to 2.1.4 and Magento 2.0 versions prior to 2.0.12.


Official Magento SUPEE-9652 Resource.

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