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Improve User Experience | Q&A Session with Daniel Eales from Immediate Media

Daniel Eales is the Head of Digital Marketing – Subscriptions at Immediate Media Co, one of the largest magazine publishers in Europe, with famous brands including Radio Times, BBC ...

Bespoke Portals and How They Can Help Transform Your Business

We have recently published a portal white paper on how customer portals will change your business. In the paper, our CEO, Dr Paul Gibson, and our Sales & Marketing ...

York Technology Conference – Daniel Woolfson’s Notes

Daniel Woolfson, Head of Development & Test at PureNet Solutions and Magium Commerce, talks about his recent experience at the York Technology Conference, where he led an interactive seminar on Psychology ...

eCommerce Show North – Kora Habinakova’s Notes

Kora Habinakova, the Marketing Manager at PureNet, attended this year’s eCommerce Show North to find out about the upcoming trends in online commerce. Read about her experience below.   “This ...