Magento Project Recovery

We have helped many clients who are part-way through a Magento project.

PureNet has been delivering award-winning ecommerce solutions for both B2C and B2B clients for over a decade. We understand what it takes to deliver a solution that is innovative, functional and most importantly focused on conversion.

To respond to our clients’ requests and reflect our specialism in Magento projects, we established Magium Commerce. Part of the PureNet group, Magium draws on a wealth of expertise in delivering successful ecommerce websites for 12 years.

Magento Code Audit

Put your existing code through its paces with a complete health check by a Magento Certified Developer. A Code Audit helps us to identify any underlying bugs, potentially fatal errors, extension clashes and optimisation opportunities.

Bug Fixing

From simple styling bugs to highly complex deep-rooted coding errors, we pride ourselves on being able to identify the exact cause of any Magento issue and construct a resolution.

Version Upgrades

Looking to migrate to Magento 2? Ready for Magento Enterprise? Whether you are looking for a full redesign or simply looking to replicate your solution on the latest Magento version, we are experts in upgrading Magento systems quickly and efficiently.

Speed Fixes

Are you losing customers due to load speeds? Due to its rich features and power, the Magento ecommerce platform requires optimisation to ensure you deliver the best possible user experience.

Security Patches

We will work with you to ensure your Magento store is fully secure at all times by installing the latest SUPEE security patches. Did we also mention we also perform full regression testing to ensure your solution is running smoothly after the patch is installed?


We can help you streamline your business processes by integrating your Magento solution into your Payment Gateway, EPoS System, ERP, CRM, Reviews Provider and Social Media.

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Magento Project Recovery

Magento is an extremely powerful ecommerce platform, this means it is also very complex. Over the years that we have developed with Magento, we have learned the ins and outs of the system and what’s going on deep within the code. This knowledge comes with experience and, unfortunately, we speak with a lot of clients who have hit a roadblock with their existing Magento developer whether it be a particularly complex integration, issues with site speed, custom extension work or a version upgrade.

This is where we are here to help! We are more than happy to take over an existing Magento project and work with you on a project basis. We start with a code audit to identify any pain points in your code-to-date, from there we will work with you to understand the areas you would like improved, bugs that require fixing or features you would like implementing.

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PureNet’s Magento Project Recovery Services

Our team of Magento experts will work closely with you to understand your complete requirements before optimising, fixing or launching your Magento store.

Secure your Magento Solution

SUPEE Patches
SSL Certificate
File Permissions
User Admin Permissions
Extensions Security Check

Optimise Your Magento Solution

Speed Optimisation
Conversion Optimisation
Design Refresh
Extension Installation

Fix your magento solution

Code Audit
Bug Fixing
Code Resolution
Integration Resolution
Regression Testing

Support Your Magento Solution

Monthly Support Retainer
Secure Hosting
Project-Based Development
24/7 Magento Monitoring
Magento Consultancy

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