January 2015


We often get asked, how do I know when my business requires a new website? Often for large businesses with solid online trading records, this question arises after months of internal discussions and meetings. We understand that a new ecommerce solution is seen to be expensive, time-costly and a large drain on resources. We’re here[…]

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We expect 2015 will be the year that all companies from global ecommerce brands to SMEs will realise the benefit in email automation, personalisation and data segmentation and begin to rethink their strategy in line with customer expectations. Having delivered many successful Ecommerce Email Marketing campaigns our experienced team have pulled together four trends for[…]

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Screenshot of Castelli Cafe website with summer savings promotion

  PureNet Lead Designer – I’m immersed in the ecommerce website design industry and therefore always keep up to date with the latest trends. Working so closely with clients enables me to advise on what customers are expecting to see, what has longevity and how to best utilise their ecommerce space to achieve the largest[…]

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