The Edit App: A New Way to Shop? Our Verdict.

By Annabel Paton

The Edit is a brand new app that uses a Tinder-like interface to enable users to create wishlists. The app is connected to over 350 brands including New Look, Asos and Rayban and features 80,000 products from clothing to footwear and accessories.


The idea of the app concept is simple:

1. You are presented with products
2. Swipe left if you hate the item
3. Swipe right if you like the item
4. Items you hate will never be shown to you again
5. Items you like are added to your wishlist


Sounds easy, right?

There are a few really cool things about The Edit app, one is that you can filter what you see by category and price. So, if you’re looking for some shoes at around £30 you don’t have to sift through 80,000 products to get there.


Another other nice feature is the editor’s choice. These are little collections that have been pulled together such as ‘Spring Knits’ or ‘Midweek Treats’ – they’re great for keeping up with new trends!


So how do you make a purchase?

After you’ve liked a product you can see it in your wishlist, from here you can see more information about each product including multiple images, materials etc. You can then decide to remove the product or add it to your bag. The thing that makes this app special is the universal checkout meaning even if you have selected items from multiple brands, you can purchase everything in a single order.



Where do we see this app going?

Currently the app only uses the ‘account’ area minimally to store payment and gender information. There is a clear opportunity here in developing real personalised content, where the app learns about the likes and behaviour of each customer and personalises what they see accordingly.

The app already uses push notifications to speak to users, the potential power of collecting behavioural data from this app and using it for personalised marketing is enormous.

Our verdict?


This app makes shopping fun! Not only are you presented with brands you may not already know or wouldn’t usually purchase from, you can very quickly and easily purchase multiple goods all with one finger. We’re loving using this app, and we’re excited about its future potential.

Why only the 9? We’d like to see more profiling in the account area and more social integration.

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