Introducing ‘Repeat Commerce’ – The PureNet Group’s Dedicated Subscription Ecommerce Agency

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An entire decade. That’s how long the PureNet group have spent delivering bespoke ecommerce solutions for subscription-based business models. During that time, our projects have enabled clients to maximise their potential in an ever-growing and evolving industry. We’ve become experts in subscription ecommerce as a whole, and our team’s proven experience and abilities within the sector have grown substantially by the day.

We want to ensure that we can continue implementing our expertise in this exciting industry, and with that in mind, we’d like to introduce you to our dedicated subscription ecommerce agency – Repeat Commerce.

What is Repeat Commerce?

In short, Repeat Commerce is here to provide assistance with the consultation, planning, design, and the building of successful platforms for subscription ecommerce business models. The group has already been able to provide these services across a diverse range of sectors and industries, and now with a dedicated agency in our ranks, we’re able to take our capabilities even further.

In order to maximise the opportunities available to businesses in the subscription world, we’ve built a team of knowledgeable and experienced consultants who possess an exceptional skillset, enabling us to take both new and existing ventures to new heights. On top of that, Repeat Commerce also boasts a team of talented creatives, marketers, developers and solution specialists that, combined with our consultants, work together in harmony to breathe life into new ideas or invigorate and expand existing ones.

Building your idea with a talented development team

Turning your ideas into reality is what our developers specialise in. Repeat Commerce features a specialist development team that are dedicated to delivering the quality your business deserves. Every single developer within the team has a vast range of experience behind them, particularly when it comes to subscriptions and ecommerce. Combined with our highly skilled project managers who run the coding timetables with exceptional precision, our development team is more than capable of building your ideas to the highest standard.

Since 2006, the PureNet group has completed a number of bespoke solutions for a multitude of clients in a diverse selection of industries. We’ve also built and managed solutions through some of the most revered ecommerce platforms available, including Magento, BigCommerce, custom platforms and more. These proven platforms (as well as an enormous variety of custom ones) are the heart and soul of countless businesses all over the world, including some of the biggest ecommerce subscription brands in existence.

Our talented development team have worked closely with such a broad range of platforms, enabling each and every member of the team to build a diverse portfolio of skills and abilities that lend themselves directly to the aims of Repeat Commerce. Being able to implement the vast and varied experience of the team means that the agency is well-equipped to handle the needs of any subscription venture. In a world with such prominent evolution, particularly in the digital and ecommerce world, this is a significant advantage that Repeat Commerce clients will be able to take advantage of. Each platform that clients wish to base their digital subscription service around, be it a custom creation or pre-existing, can be attended to with meticulous attention to detail by every member of the development team.

Giving your subscription venture the exposure it deserves

No matter how good your online subscription service is, without traffic and a solid marketing strategy to go along with it-growth in revenue will be hard to come by. That’s why part of Repeat Commerce and the rest of the PureNet group’s services includes effective digital marketing.

As part of the development process, we’ll work closely with subscription businesses to ensure the site performs exceptionally well. We’ll also ensure that UX is a priority, creating an intuitive platform with a conversion-focused nature that benefits both the business and its customers. Then, when it comes to generating effective exposure to ultimately increase the revenue of the business, our dedicated digital marketing team will take the reins.

The benefit of having an expert digital marketing and consultancy team on hand is that they know exactly what it takes to achieve goals and business growth across a huge variety of channels. Our consultants have worked closely with clients and in-house teams, allowing them to combine their existing expertise with new developments in order to provide exactly the right advice at exactly the right time. This means that every element of your business can be crafted around the expert advice and guidance of our consultancy team, putting your needs and success first.

When it comes to marketing, our team are equally adept at refining your brand and building solid brand awareness. They work on building the digital presence of various businesses every single day, increasing traffic and conversions and building solid brand identities through a multitude of different processes. This means you’re not only getting to take advantage of a team that really knows about marketing, you’re getting to see and benefit from the capabilities of a team of people that have dedicated years of their lives to achieving marketing success.

In terms of your own venture, from the moment your subscription business goes live, Repeat Commerce and the extended PureNet family will be by your side to generate the ever-increasing exposure needed to grow your business and revenue.

The PureNet group’s history with subscription ecommerce

As we mentioned earlier, we’ve spent a great deal of time working with businesses within the subscription industry. As a group, we’ve had the opportunity to work alongside organisations in a variety of sectors, creating a range of bespoke solutions as well as taking on the renovation and management of existing platforms.

We’ve worked with Hearst UK, Bauer Media UK, Immediate Media, Dennis Publishing, Jane Plan, CTS, Wormers Direct, Cru Café, York Coffee and many more. The knowledge and experience that we already had prior to working with such a vast range of clients and businesses has grown significantly, and we continue to use that expertise to build on our proven success with every project we tackle.

Each and every project we work on comes with its own unique set of challenges. We constantly strive to meet and exceed the needs of each and every one of them by combining our previous experience with new ways of thinking.

The ecommerce world is changing

Consumer shopping habits have evolved. Subscriptions are rapidly becoming the shopping choice of more and more individuals every single day. With the expertise available through our dedicated subscription ecommerce agency and across the PureNet group as a whole, we can help any business looking to break into or expand within the world of subscription shopping.

For more information on Repeat Commerce or any of our existing services, get in touch with us today.

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