Pinterest Introduces Buyable Pins!

By Annabel Paton

Yesterday Pinterest blogged about their exciting upcoming new feature – Buyable Pins. Adding a buy button to Pinterest is a clear next step for the social platform which now has 72.8 million users.

Pinterest has listened to its users like @RebeccaStrebe who Tweeted, “It would be so great if Pinterest would let you buy all the clothes you Pinned #lifewouldbegr8″ and @Brookecomans who said, “I wish there was a straight up buy button on Pinterest.”

Let’s take a look at how it will all work:

Blue means you can buy.

Basically when a user spots a pin with a blue price they will be able to purchase the item directly from your store there and then without having to leave the app or website.


Cool features.

Pinterest is giving users the ability to search by price with a nice little swipe & scroll feature and they can even select colour options when you click on the pin. So, if you’re selling a t-shirt in multiple colours the user will be able to toggle through all of the images before making their final selection.


A simple, secure checkout made just for mobile.

When a user is ready to purchase they simply click ‘buy it’ and select whether they would like to pay via Apply Pay or credit card. Pinterest has placed an emphasis on the fact that this data is safe and secure.

You can reach a new audience – for free.

Pinterest state that they don’t take a cut from your sales and you will still be able to control shipping and customer service. This is a fantastic way to enable your content audience to make purchases without breaking away from the Pinterest app.

Buyable pins will be available in the US in the next couple of weeks, we’re hoping for a global rollout shortly after. Sign up for our newsletter and we will keep you posted.

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