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At PureNet, we’ve departed on an exciting journey and become a Registered Umbraco Partner, expanding our offering to suit your needs and find the right CMS for you. Read the Q&A with our Umbraco developer about using Umbraco CMS to enhance user experience both for your internal teams and your website visitors. PureNet can also develop a bespoke system that will integrate with your new CMS to achieve Umbraco ecommerce functionality and make your new website transactional.

Umbraco, the world’s friendliest CMS, is loved by thousands, developers and editors alike.

Why is it so popular? We asked our .NET Software Developer Andy a series of questions to introduce you to this open source content management system so that you can get acquainted. You can also read our case study about Ibstock PLC’s Umbraco multisite, which PureNet delivered.

What are the main benefits of Umbraco CMS?

The CMS is flexible and allows for build of a non-transactional blog as well as an omni-channel ecommerce website. The back-end is incredibly easy to use, with intuitive editing experience that helps bring your beautiful content to life without frustrating and unnecessary bumps in the road.

What is it like to use Umbraco CMS on a daily basis?

Umbraco prides itself on its simplicity. The development team strive to make the editor experience as intuitive as possible. A well-designed site allows content editors to quickly create, edit and maintain their site with ease.

How can I upload images to Umbraco CMS?

Images can be uploaded directly in the Media Library in the admin interface, or from the document type that references them. Images can be contained in folders enabling you to keep your content organised. Umbraco CMS makes copying, moving and deleting media a breeze!

Will Umbraco scale my images for me?

Umbraco CMS will automatically resize and crop images you upload, so that they fit perfectly on any device. What’s more, with their Image Cropper tool, you will be able to set a focal point with a single click. The platform will ensure that the most important thing stays in focus and you’ll be able to wave goodbye to chopped heads and missing logos!

What does the publishing process look like?

This is a feature of Umbraco Cloud. With the Staging and Live environments available on Umbraco Cloud, you can create content on one and push to the other, quickly and easily. You can choose to migrate the whole website or a single page from Staging to Live with a click of a button. Or, if you are in a hurry and create content on Live, you can quickly migrate this over to Staging without having to manually write it into both environments.

Great thing about Umbraco CMS is that provided that your images are referenced by links within the content on either environment, they will pull through on the other side as part of the migration and you won’t have to upload and insert them again.

Can I preview the content before publishing?

Content preview is an important step in creating a seamless user experience. The CMS features a Responsive Preview, thanks to which you can not only preview your content before it goes live, but also ensure that it looks good on a mobile, tablet and desktop devices.

Can I schedule content to be published?

Yes! Thanks to Umbraco’s scheduled publishing, you can get your content pages ready in advance and schedule the campaigns to run, ahead of time. The tool allows you to select date and time when the campaigns should go live and even when they should be removed.

Will there be a content freeze while PureNet works on deployment of new Umbraco features?

When making significant changes to document types it may be desirable to freeze content creation while the changes are deployed. This is to ensure that content is kept consistent. The deployment process is usually quick so you will be back editing, with the latest changes, in no time.

Can I republish a previous version of a content page on Umbraco?

You can indeed. All Umbraco content is versioned, so you can republish old content or roll back to a previous version. You can use this “infinite undo button” freely and save yourself plenty of time not having to recreate content manually.

Can I embed forms into my CMS pages?

PureNet can create bespoke forms as per our individual client’s requirements. Alternatively, you have the option to purchase a domain license and use the Umbraco Form Builder. With the Form Builder, you can create anything from simple contact forms to advanced questionnaires directly on your website, all without coding. The drag and drop functionality will allow you to select exactly the data you need from your visitors.

Is it easy to share the content with my audience via social media?

Yes! If you require this service, PureNet can help you create a connection with Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn. We can make it really easy for you to share your fresh content across your social media channels..

Is it possible to achieve a true Umbraco ecommerce experience?

PureNet will work with you to learn about your business objectives and develop a bespoke system based on your requirements to achieve Umbraco ecommerce functionality. We will help you launch your new Umbraco ecommerce website so you can create unique user experiences for your B2B and B2C customers.

How will PureNet support my website project?

Our service is tailored to your business needs and help you achieve your online objectives. Thanks to our extensive experience in delivering website projects and technical skills to support third-party integration, PureNet will create a stable, easy to use environment for your website. We follow established processes to ensure efficient and timely delivery.

Our commitment to customer service will come through every step of the way, from Discovery, UX & Design and Development, through Integration, Testing and finally to Deployment stages.

We’re very excited to explore the potential of the Umbraco platform and work with you to create a seamless user experience for your customer audience.

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