Announcing The Launch Of ‘Repeat Commerce’ – Our Dedicated Subscription Ecommerce Agency

By Paul Doherty PureNet News Comments Off on Announcing The Launch Of ‘Repeat Commerce’ – Our Dedicated Subscription Ecommerce Agency

In a recent article, we introduced you to our new, dedicated subscription ecommerce agency – Repeat Commerce. Here at PureNet, we’re now proud to announce the official launch of the agency, meaning from this point onwards Repeat Commerce will be available for consultation, development, management, marketing and more for all subscription ecommerce ventures.

How Repeat Commerce can aid businesses

With the introduction of our subscription ecommerce agency, we’re able to apply our existing expertise in the subscription world with PureNet directly through a dedicated and experienced team. The idea behind Repeat Commerce is to provide businesses who have decided to adopt a subscription-based model with exactly the right knowledge and tools they need to grow and succeed.

As a group, we’ve already spent the last decade working closely with a wide variety of subscription-based businesses in a range of different industries. We’ve built a portfolio of successful platforms and projects and helped each client to both meet and exceed their goals. This has been achieved through a combination of expert consultation, bespoke and focused development, in-depth platform management, competitive multi-channel marketing and much more.

By applying the wealth of experience that we’ve gathered over the years into a dedicated team, we believe we can continue to provide the high level of service that our clients have come to expect, combined with an even greater sense of commitment.

Essentially, Repeat Commerce is our next step in maximising the potential of our subscription ecommerce clients. An agency that truly understands the subscription model, backed by years of research and first-hand experience that has already proven successful.

We’re extremely passionate about what we (and our clients) do – with a dedicated agency on hand to channel that shared enthusiasm, it’s a sure-fire way for any business to grow and succeed.

Repeat Commerce and the wider PureNet Group

We’ve already worked closely with subscription providers from a diverse range of industries. Bauer Media UK, Hearst UK, Dennis Publishing, Puzzler, Jane Plan, Wormers Direct and more have all entrusted the PureNet group to deliver effective platform capabilities and market-leading business results.

For example, we built a platform for Immediate Media that provided a seamless, responsive experience that maximised engagement from visitors and customers across the board. Personalisation for visitors was a key focus, due to the substantial variations in the titles available through the platform and the diversity of its visitors. Speaking of visitors, Immediate Media’s subscription platform was one that experienced significant traffic volumes already, clocking in over 120 transactions every minute. This meant that the platform we created needed to be robust and scalable, but also intuitive for both customers and the Immediate Media team.

The results on the Immediate Media project were excellent – mobile sales increased by 50%, the marketing team were able to run extra promotions and experience an impressive 60% conversion rate as a result, and the site’s overall conversion rate increased by 10%. The site maintained 100% uptime throughout, due to the robust infrastructure that we created.

Those results aren’t exclusive to just one of our clients either. We strive to ensure that, as a group, we deliver on and exceed the requirements of everyone we work with on every single project. Repeat Commerce will carry that very same ethos from the beginning and will work seamlessly with the group to achieve ours and our client’s goals.

Do you want to grow your subscription ecommerce business?

There’s never been a better time. Subscriptions are rapidly increasing in popularity – they’re proving to be one of the best ways for consumers to shop across a huge range of industries. As PureNet mentioned in a previous article on the rise of subscription ecommerce, particularly in the UK, the population as a whole are heavily invested in subscription services.

Approximately £2 billion is spent every year on these services in Britain alone, with individuals spending an average of £60 each per year. Certain subscription markets are predicted to continue growing at a rapid pace too, with the subscription box market expected to reach an estimated worth of £1 billion by 2022. That’s an enormous growth of 77% on recent figures.

The fact is, subscriptions have long held a solid position in B2C commerce, and the evolution of our world and technology has enabled the industry to grow at an astonishing rate. The digital boom has catapulted subscriptions into the eyes and hands of every individual with internet access, and it’s easy to see why. The extensive list of benefits that subscriptions provide both businesses and consumers is impossible to ignore, and as we evolve more and more, that list continues to grow.

If you have an existing subscription venture, or you’re working to breathe life into a new subscription idea, get in touch with us. We’ve created Repeat Commerce to provide you with everything you need to supercharge your subscription service, and we’re happy to discuss your needs or answer your questions.

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