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Augean plc

The Client

Augean plc is the UK’s leading specialist hazardous waste management company listed on the Alternative Investment Market (AIM), providing a range of waste handling services, environmental treatment, recycling and disposal. The company is unique in their approach to the disposal of specialist waste, developing innovative process and technological solutions to lead the modernisation of the UK waste industry.


The Challenge

Augean plc ( was looking for a revamped version of their existing website, a mobile-optimised website and strategic help with their digital marketing, including email marketing and social media marketing training.

The solution required a state of the art desktop and mobile enabled website which would provide a tailored interface, accessible from standard desktops through to smartphone devices. Additionally the solution needed to feature information for company investors and interactive consultation portal.

What We Did

Both desktop and mobile sites are highly usable in design with an easy to navigate layout. The Augean site is used primarily by visitors within the waste management industry, so it had to be clear what each particular section of the site contained, regardless of the device used. The website incorporates a share price feed for investors, giving current share price information on Augean’s performance on the London Stock Exchange.

A web-based CMS built allows Augean to update visitors about current planning application projects, future waste management sites and changes as they happen. The facility gives Augean plc complete control over the content from a single CMS.

PureNet also offered training on how best to leverage social media marketing opportunities for Augean to encourage engagement, brand loyalty and returning custom from existing stakeholders and potential new customers.




The Results

  • The solution provides comprehensive information resource for stakeholders
  • Intuitive navigation offering easy access to wide range of information
  • Mobile website optimised for mobile devices
  • CMS functionality, allowing Augean plc to manage and update all areas of their content
  • Best practice social media marketing and email marketing advice
  • Bounce rates from mobile devices significantly reduced post-launch


“We aim to be transparent with everything we do – which is one of the reasons our website is so important. The addition of a website that’s optimised for mobile devices allows accessibility from a greater range of devices. We know from our experience working with PureNet previously that the process would be easy and straightforward, and continue to be impressed with their abilities.”

Carol Earp, Marketing, Augean plc

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