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The Client

Tesco PLC is a multinational grocery and general merchandise retailer with its headquarters in England. Second only to Walmart, it is the largest retailer in the world measured by profits and largest retailer in the world measured by revenues. Tesco sales account for around one pound in every ten spent in British shops. Tesco Magazine Subscriptions enables customers to redeem vouchers online using unique codes.

The Challenge

PureNet has worked with many publishers including Dennis Publishing, one of the world’s leading independent publishers and DC Thomson.

This experience led to us being commissioned by Tesco with the challenge to develop an online ordering portal for their magazine subscription gift cards.

The goal was to design and build a site that allowed visitors to enter a bespoke code from an in-store purchased gift card and order their chosen magazine online.

What We Did

The user journey had to remain extremely simple, guiding visitors through the site with process explainers and ensuring the ordering process was seamless.

After testing messaging, CTA colour and size, our UX design team found larger buttons with more  explanations led to higher conversions. These design elements were therefore implemented throughout the site.

We worked with 3PM, Tesco’s magazine fulfilment company, to showcase up-to date imagery and product information from magazines such as Harpers Bazaar and GoodFood.

PureNet were able to develop the site to show magazines personalised to specific gift voucher codes, significantly enhancing the ordering experience.


The Results

  • Tesco’s Magazine Subscription solution has proven extremely successful since launch
  • The solution has managed over £20million in the redemption of voucher codes


“The PureNet team are extremely proud to work with a leading global retailer. The solution provided has managed over £20 million in the redemption of online voucher codes, a testiment to the hard work our team put in.”

Dr Paul Gibson, PureNet

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